Various Issues With Contemporary DEMOCRACY

Various Issues With Contemporary DEMOCRACY

When we think about democracy, the phrase freedom and fairness generally come to mind; even so, judgments of democratic fed government dates back to the ancient Greece. Philosophers which include Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato all spoke within their distaste for democratic united states government. A number of legendary administrators at diverse periods in history have continuing to criticize democracy with only elements and legal points. A number of the major criticisms of democracy, which includes modern democracy, are: (1) the vast majority of people are not informed or advised an adequate amount of in order to make seem judgements about governmental situations; (2) most people base their votes on their own emotions and thoughts as well as the use of the selection as opposed to on intellectual opinion additionally, the worthiness of the candidate; (3) rich contenders have an overabundance of income for campaigning, subjecting these people to the people eyeball much more than a reduced amount of well-off applicants who may be the greater in good shape for the job; (4) lots of individuals will not vote; for that reason, governmental choices are based on the beliefs of just a portion for the people rather than population as a whole. Continue reading

Can’t Get Your Application Essays Started?

And Don’t Forget: Words Beget Words

Think of this 15–minute exercise as a warmup. It’s not a marathon, but it’s a quick jog that will remind your body that it DOES INDEED know how to run. Maybe all you’ve done is written about how you have nothing to write, but the actual act of writing will trigger your writer’s reflex and motivate you to keep up the momentum and write something more and – hopefully – something of substance.

As hard as it is to do…just turn off your phone.

When you start to write a few words on the page – even words like “I don’t know what to say” – something miraculous happens. Suddenly, there are WORDS on the page, not just blank space. And these words will inspire you to continue writing. Here’s why:

Reward Yourself

You’re more likely to make it through your 15–minute writing workout if you know you’ve got a reward waiting for you. Whether it’s a FB break, a coffee with a friend, or an ice cream sundae – just knowing that it’s there and waiting will help motivate you to keep on going.

Having trouble getting those first few words and sentences of your application essay up on your computer screen? Don’t fret – even the most accomplished novelists or famous journalists have a tough time getting started. Tempted to get up and do something – anything! – else rather than stare at that blank screen for another second?

• First Drafts of Personal Statements: Let Yourself Go



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I guarantee that all of this advice will work with one big BUT: You must turn off your devices. 15 minutes of writing isn’t a real 15 minutes if halfway through you check Facebook and send 8 Whatsapps. It just won’t work. So hard as it is to do…just turn off your phone and resist the temptation to open a new tab.

Turn Off Your Devices

One piece of advice: DON’T.

This is Your Warm-Up



• The Biggest Application Essay Mistake [Short Video]
• 5 Fatal Flaws to Avoid in Your Application [Free Guide]

Your babbling string of “I’m writing but I really don’t have anything to say” will likely transform into, “well, maybe I have a thing or two worth mentioning.” You’ll see.

Need help getting started? Talk to our experts — we’re here to answer your questions, motivate you, and help you get accepted!

It’s time to start! UNPLUG and set an alarm for 15 minutes. Then ask yourself: What do I care about? What do I enjoy doing? What’s important to me? And write. Your only commitment is to keep going until you hear that beep. When the timer goes off, STOP. Hit “Save.” And then go get yourself a double scoop of sweet, cold, decadent ice cream.

Get Ready, Get Set…Go!

Our customers pay between 15 and 35 cents for every $100 that we manage for them

Applications to British B-Schools Drop

Yet, the Association of MBAs reports that part-time MBA enrollment in the UK has increased this year by 16%. This figure, according to P&Q, was “propped up […] by accepting a greater proportion of applicants,” and that applications actually “fell by more than a quarter to part-time MBA courses, where European students, who are not affected by the visa changes, are in the majority.”

Positive trends can be found regarding distance learning, with more students enrolled in these programs in the last three years than in any other “mode of delivery.” In fact, in 2011, 29% more students were enrolled in distance learning than in full-time programs, and 26% more than in part-time programs.

Visa policies change in UK

According to Poets & Quants, “applications to Britain’s business schools plunged 20% last year as a result of government changes to visa policies that made MBA programs there a less viable option for international students.” These students comprise 90% of MBA students at UK business schools, and were deterred due to the possibility that they wouldn’t be able to stay and work in the UK post-graduation.

In total, however, applications to all types of UK MBA programs had dropped this year from 30,777 to 26,090, which contrasts with other international figures. AMBA accredited schools in China and Latin America, for instance, experienced a large rise in enrollments—30% and 20%, respectively. ~ Helping You Write Your Best

The plan also calls for more instructional time to be added at district schools

9 GMAT Facts

8. The GMAT is currently available in 113 countries – on every continent except Antarctica.

7. The exam was offered in Hawaii five years before Hawaii became a state.

To celebrate GMAC’s 60th birthday, we’ve compiled the following fun GMAT facts from the GMAC site:

6. The first five countries to offer the GMAT (which was then the ATGSB) were the U.S., Canada, England, France, and India.

2. Pre-1976 the GMAT was known as the Admission Test for Graduate Study in Business (ATGSB).

9. The Official Guide for GMAT Review was introduced in 1978. It’s now in its 13th edition.

3. The question formats on the 1954 exam were Best Arguments, Quantitative Reading, Verbal Omnibus (Sentence Completion, analogies, Antonyms), and Quantitative Reasoning (Problem Solving, Data Interpretation). On today’s exam we have Integrated Reasoning, Verbal (Critical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction), and Quantitative (Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency). As you can see, Problem Solving is the only question format present on today’s exam that was also used on the original test.

1. In 1953, nine b-schools met with ETS to create what would later become the GMAT. Those schools were Harvard, Rutgers, Columbia, Northwestern, Chicago, Seton Hall, Michigan, Washington University (St. Louis), and University of Pennsylvania.

5. The GMAT was the first standardized test to use palm vein readers – this analyzes specific hand vein patterns of users to ensure security and catch proxy test takers. This was introduced in 2008 and 2009. ~ Helping You Write Your Best

Happy 60th Birthday GMAC!

4. In 1997 the GMAT exam became computerized.

School personnel also received offers of psychological help from as far away as custom essay writers california

3 Recommendations For Financing Your MBA

3.  Crowdsource your MBA experience

Finally, I encourage you to look at what others are doing around you, search on blogs and forums, be creative, and most importantly: if you are set on doing an MBA, with a little bit of discipline and structure, you can save for the future.

2.  Ask family and friends for donations or savings

• The Money will Sort Itself Out: IV with a Future INSEAD Student

Here are a few recommendations to keep in mind when financing your MBA:

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• INSEAD Essay 3: Writing About Cultural Diversity

• MBA Admissions A-Z: 26 Terrific Tips [Free Guide]

The third and most important recommendation is to look for other sources of funding aside from a loan – a few options include:

The first recommendation is that whatever you expect to spend on your MBA, you are going to spend at least 30% more on your living expenses, and other expenses that come up. Of course, I wanted to make the most of the experience, and every MBA program, including INSEAD’s, has more activities than anyone can imagine going to. And it’s very tough to say “no” to them due to lack of savings. So tip 1: save at least an extra $5,000 for “travel expenses” per year.

I was lucky enough to get accepted to study at INSEAD 10 years ago. But before the great news I had spent at least 18 months preparing: from doing the GMAT, writing essays, deciding which school to go to, and determining how to finance this unique and life changing experience. I probably spent the least amount of time on the financing point, but in the end it was the most important.

1.  Scholarships (there are a lot more per country than you may think. In Spain, there are at least 8 organizations that give scholarships)

4.  Get a side job for extra money

The second recommendation is to evaluate the financial difference between a 1 year and 2 year MBA program. It is not only the opportunity cost of not working and making money, but the 2 year MBA is normally 50%-100% more expensive due to cost of living and 2 years of tuition. Choosing a 1 year MBA like INSEAD was not a conscious decision on my part but I’m glad I decided on it in the end. There is a trend around the world for more 1 year MBAs because of this reason.

Ricardo is Prodigy Finance‘s Head of Business Development. He got his MBA from INSEAD in 2006. After his MBA, he worked in management consulting for 8 years before shifting his focus to consult for startup companies in the Fintech space. He joined the Prodigy Finance team in 2014.

I started with the 4th option and managed to save a worthwhile extra amount for INSEAD. Three months before starting the program, I got lucky and got an amazing scholarship from Fundacion Rafael del Pino in Spain for my studies.

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Abbreviation Rules | NerdyMates

It means “that is.” Use i.e. when you want to provide more specific information about something you mentioned.

If you need to use an indefinite article before an acronym or initialism, use the initial sound of the word (not necessarily the initial letter) guide your choice.

p.m. (post meridiem) = after noon

Below are a few other abbreviations that are common in English. Remember that abbreviations are not always completely standardized. One style guide may advise you to abbreviate Thursday as Thurs. while another may argue for Thu. Likewise, some style guides allow you to omit the periods with these abbreviations, but it’s never wrong to include periods. So if you aren’t sure whether to use the periods, err on the side of leaving them in.

etc.: et ceteraMs. = (pronounced “miss” or “miz”)We expect volunteers from many surrounding cities, (e.g., Springfield, Oakdale, Hogsmeade.)

My cat weighs 10 lbs., which is about 4.5 kg.

Initialisms are similar to acronyms in that they are also formed using the first letter of each word in a longer phrase. Unlike acronyms, however, initialisms are pronounced as a series of letters. NFL (National Football League), for example, is pronounced en-eff-ell.

One thing to remember about abbreviations is that certain ones are considered informal. If you are writing something very formal, it’s better to err on the side of spelling things out. The other thing to remember is that some readers may not know what an abbreviation means. If the abbreviation is obscure or unfamiliar, make sure to explain what it means the first time you use it.

NerdyMates is a must-have
writing app

An abbreviation, simply put, is a shortened form of a word. In writing, abbreviations are useful when you need to squeeze a lot of writing into a small space. You can also use them in place of long or cumbersome phrases to make your sentences easier to read.

g. (gram)M.B.A. = Master of Business Administration


Molly Beagle, Ph.D., runs the canine cognition lab at Stanford University.

a.m. (ante meridiem) = before noon

mm. (millimeters)The mall opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 8 p.m.

Titles such as mister, miss, and doctor, as well as the names of academic degrees such as bachelor of arts and doctor of philosophy are almost always abbreviated. In American English, title abbreviations are followed by a period; in British English, the period is omitted.

M.A. = Master of Arts

The most common academic degree abbreviations include:

Jr. = JuniorIt means “and so forth.” Use it when you’re providing a partial list of details.The U.S. highway system seems enormous to visitors from the U.K.

Mr. = Mister

The periods are optional with abbreviations of academic degrees. Follow whichever style your style guide recommends, or just choose one and use it consistently. When an academic degree is used like a title, it follows a person’s name and is set off by commas:

Sr. = Senior

An acronym is pronounced as a single word, rather than as a series of letters. NASA, for instance, is an acronym. It stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Occasionally, an acronym becomes so commonplace that it evolves into an ordinary word that people no longer think of as an acronym. The words scuba and laser, for instance, originated as acronyms (self contained underwater breathing apparatus and light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, respectively).

i.e.: id est

Abbreviations for Courtesy Titles and Academic Degrees

Mr. Green asked Ms. Grey if she had met Dr. Jekyl. (American style)

U.A.E. (United Arab Emerates)

m. (meters)

Units of Measurement

Latin Abbreviations

B.S. = Bachelor of sciencethat makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free.

e.g.: exempli gratia

Other Common Abbreviations

lbs. (pounds)

It means “for example.” Use e.g. when you want to provide specific examples of a generalization.

Mr Green asked Ms Grey if she had met Dr Jekyl. (British style)

After a reasonable amount of time has passed—i.e. two business days—please report the missing shipment to our customer service department.

You should see the doctor when you have flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, etc.)

Abbreviations come in a few different varieties. Both acronyms and initialisms are abbreviations that are formed by combining the first letter of each word in a longer name or phrase. Typically, acronyms and initialisms are written in all capital letters to distinguish them from ordinary words.

The most common title abbreviations include:

mg. (milligram)Mrs. = Mistress (pronounced “missus”)kg. (kilogram)

U.S. (United States)E.U. (European Union)

There is a small handful of abbreviations for Latin terms that are used (and misused) frequently in English writing. Use periods with these abbreviations.

Ph.D. = Doctor of Philosophy

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Times and dates

ft. (feet)cm. (centimeters)The class will run Mon.-Fri. next week.

in. (inches)

Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat,. Sun.

U.K. (United Kingdom)

Acronyms and Initialisms

B.A. = Bachelor of Arts

Internet slang often takes the form of initialisms: LOL, IDK, IMO, BRB. Although this type of slang isn’t appropriate for important correspondence like emails to your professor or colleagues, or in online comments when you want to be taken seriously, it can be handy for informal online chatting, especially if you type slowly.

Dr. = Doctor

Jan., Feb., Mar., Apr., May, Jun., Jul., Aug., Sep., Oct., Nov., Dec.

I was born on Nov. 6, 1980. The new schools venture fund is a san francisco-based philanthropy that focuses on accelerating the growth of a nonprofit charter school system

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The processor options convey a variety of AMD quad-core A8 and A10 models, ranging from three.2 GHz to 4.1 Ghz. The memory ranges from 8 GB – 16 GB (DDR3). Whether you need to edit 3D content, stream videos, or play online games, you can count regarding HP ENVY 700-000z to handle everything profitably. This is all thanks towards the high volume of memory and power central processing unit.

clash of clans can be a free game, but has in-app purchases that lets you to gems and coins that can be found in the computer game. Revenue is generated for video game developer through these in-app purchases and utilizing many who spend a bunch of money buying gems while playing the task. Children have been known to rake up quite a bill while playing the sport and therefore parents really have to be more vigilant if for example the kids can get to the password likewise let allow the app to charge you for the purchases. Parents can also disable the in-app purchase option on the settings for this device cease children from using real money to pick the various ideas that are on offer in the shop.

Early players also group themselves and form guilds or parties and they contribute to achieve more wealth. Let’s admit that in most RPGs, beating someone else in charge monster is definitely more effectively achieved by going as a party. Older players also have the advantage to be a little more familiar making use clash of clans hack game than new suppliers. This gives them an early manages on the best and what to do to get wealthy in.

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Got also afternoon? A few washable water colours, paint brush, water and towel to delete afterwards. Give your boy or girl an possiblity to choose space from colour tray organized by you, paint small little palms and feet’s one during a period and take prints within the little palms and feet’s on a plain sheet of paper.

So what should you do when your console isn’t what you wish to use for gaming? The reply is very simple, yet find out the power of this tool, you won’t stop using it, so be informed! The internet is your answer! The web is tool for anything, hand calculators play games on it, earn a full time income from it, find out any information you so desire gain an understanding of and much more.

So, fat reduction some of the essential things regarding possible trends of internet look up. Read this article at least once. It can be of great help to you. Have fun and have a ball!

President bush has proposed a similar program in his education budget for several years

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A Cornell Johnson Student’s Experiences and Advice for Applicants

Mitch: I learned about the Park Leadership Program initially through the Johnson website and then in more detail when visiting the school and speaking with current students. This program has been integral to my experience and one of the primary reasons has been the opportunity to work with a great group of peers who have all bought in to a 2-year long leadership program. It is one thing to go to lecture sessions and quite another to go to workshops where everyone is open and willing to speak up and advance the dialogue. With the breadth of backgrounds we have in the program, I’ve had the chance to learn from diverse perspectives, from non-profit to military. Additionally, this has been an amazing opportunity to assess my own leadership strengths and weaknesses and practice new styles / techniques without worrying how it might affect a looming year-end performance review.

This interview is the latest in an Accepted blog series featuring interviews with MBA students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at top MBA programs. And now for a chat with Mitch Brummer, second year MBA student at Cornell Johnson…

Accepted: Lastly, can you share your top three tips for success for those just starting out their MBA journey?

Accepted: Looking back at the application process, what would you say was your greatest challenge? How would you advise other applicants who may be experiencing similar challenges?

Do you want to be featured in Accepted’s blog? If you want to share your med school journey with the world (or at least with our readers), email us at

3. Focus on balance. Going through b-school is busy but likely in a different way from your last job. Recruiting, clubs and activities, coursework, and social life all compete for your time and everyone will have a different opinion on how you should prioritize them. This should be a personal decision, so take the time to step back and figure out what is most important for you and then don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Accepted: Where are you currently attending b-school? What year?


2. Have an idea about how you’d like your two years to go (but don’t be afraid to change everything). By going through the application process, you’ll have at least an initial idea of what you would like to do at school and what type of activities and subjects you’d like to take on. It’s great to have this plan coming in, but don’t let having a plan keep you from exploring and making big changes based on what you find once you’ve actually started school. Take a risk with off-campus recruiting if that is where your dream job or company recruits, just make sure to have a solid back-up plan in place.

Mitch: One of my favorite parts about Johnson is the immersion learning program. This program is completed in the 2nd semester of year one. I went through the Strategic Marketing Immersion, which combined a semester-long client project with lectures, cases, simulation, and a trek to marketing-focused companies in New York City. By completing the core and immersion in year one, I felt extremely prepared going into my internship in a new functional area. Many of the topics we learned in detail during the immersion came up immediately over the summer and I was ready and able to contribute in week one.

• How to Choose the Right MBA Program, a free guide
<img class="hs-cta-img" id="hs-cta-img-bbd4b223-0746-423c-b782-544af22cff79" style="border-width:0px;" src="" alt="Accepted | Helping applicants like you apply confidently and successfully for over 20 years. “/>• 7 Ways to Distinguish Between Similar MBA Programs

My advice to other applicants is to try and let go of the feeling that applying should be a “numbers game.” Instead of applying to the one or two extra schools that you aren’t super excited about, spend that time getting to know your core targets and refining those applications as much as you can. Make sure to visit and talk to current students as that can really help you add the extra refinement and personalization to your essays.

Accepted: What is your favorite thing about that program?

You can connect with Mitch via LinkedIn. Thank you Mitch for sharing your story with us – we wish you continued success!

For one-on-one guidance with your b-school application, check out our MBA Application Packages.

Accepted: We’d like to get to know you! Where are you from? Where and what did you study as an undergrad?

Mitch: I do plan on going back to Consulting and will be returning to Deloitte Consulting. I truly enjoyed my work before coming to Johnson and one of my big drivers for going to school was to round out my liberal arts experience with a formal business education in order to bolster my ability to work on strategy projects. During my time at Cornell, I’ve focused my studies and internship on developing a marketing knowledge-base and toolset. Going back to Deloitte, I would like to start focusing my career on marketing-focused strategy projects.

• Cornell Johnson Straight Out of College: A Young Entrepreneur’s Story [Episode 144]

Mitch: I am currently in my second year at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, graduating in May 2017.

Mitch:  My greatest challenge was that I applied to a few too many schools which became a bit overwhelming near the deadlines. While I applied to six schools, it was pretty obvious that I was only interested in four and I would have done myself a favor by only applying to those four.

Accepted: You’re a Roy H. Park Leadership Fellow at Cornell. How did you learn about this program? How has this program helped shape your MBA experience at Cornell thus far?

Mitch: I was born in Columbus, Ohio but grew up outside of Cleveland (2016 was a big year for Cleveland!). For my undergrad studies, I went to Colgate University in Central, NY. While there, I focused on International Relations which led me to Washington, D.C. right after graduating in 2009.

1. Take “fit” seriously. I applied to a few schools out of convenience that I knew wouldn’t be a great fit. You could tell right away that I was going through the motions and didn’t have the commitment to those applications. Visit the schools you are interested in and talk with current students, you’ll quickly get a feel for your fit there. You are going to be spending 2 years with your new peers so spend the time to get to know current students and your fellow applicants to help pick the schools that best fit with your goals and personality.

Accepted: papers service You’ve worked in Consulting prior to starting your MBA. Do you plan on staying in that field after graduation?

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I use these for random questioning and classroom-participation snap over there prompts